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Our Services - Freight Factoring for Trucking

We want to be your trusted partner in freight factoring, providing you with cash flow solutions to keep your trucks on the road and your business moving and growing. Our cost efficient and hassle free services focus on you getting cash fast to maximize your time and efficiency.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a financial service which allows a business to sell its accounts receivable (AR) to a third party (Sandor) in exchange for fast access to cash.

Faster access to cash allows a business to quickly improve its cash flow and access cash otherwise tied up in unpaid customer invoices for longer periods of time. The business can then meet its financial obligations (business expenses such as maintence, wages, gas, etc) and pursue new opportunities.

Importantly - invoice factoring is a sale of an invoice - not a loan - so its does not impact your credit compared to typical bank financing. You are unlocking the cash in your invoice typical 30 to 90 days before you customer actually pays the invoice owing.

Invoices are sold to us in exchange for immediate payment (minus our fee) then your customer pays us according to their payment terms.

Our Approach

We offer a simple non-recourse flat fee daily rate model of 0.09% per day (i.e. 2.70% per 30 day period). Yes its that simple!

We do not charge any hidden fees; no cancellation fees, no termination fees, no due dilligence fees, no maintaince fees, no fund transfer fees, no monthly minimums, no requirement to fund all invoices, no admin fees, etc. Absolutly "NO" hidden fees!

We advance 85% of the Face Amount of an invoice upon approval. Fees are charged daily so for example:

Net Terms


30 days


45 days


60 days


75 days


90 days


Please keep in mind with our non-recourse factoring if your customer fails to pay their invoice to us, we assume the responsibility for the loss, not you or your business. This is set out in further detail in our Factoring Agreement.

Our daily fee begins the day we acccept the invoice to be factored and send you your money and stops the day your customer pays us - very simple!

Account Set Up

Please send the following information to

  • Business formation documents (i.e. articles of incorporation)

  • Government Issued Photo ID

  • Past AR History (Minimum 1 Year)

  • Void Business Bank Account Cheque

  • Recent Business Tax Documents

Qualification Requirements

  • Must have been in business for 1 year

  • Generate $10,000/month minimum revenue.

  • You must invoice customers (B2B).

  • Invoices are yours (your company's) for work you have completed and you/your company are due to be paid for.

Account Review

We will review your account and contact you for any questions or additional information.

Account Approval

Once an account is approved and set up simply submit invoices by email or fax being sure to always include all necessary details and documents and ensure they are legible.


When invoices are submitted to us; our goal is to fund within 24hrs. Invoices are processed on business days from 9:00am EST to 5:00pm EST; so depending on when an invoice is submitted it may take up to 24 hours or longer for funding. We always do our best to be as quick as possible!

Please note: we do not offer fuel cards or similar programs.

Our Process:




Send Us Your Invoices

Once you have completed your job and an invoice has been generated - send it to us.

We Process Your Invoices

We verify your invoice and send notice to your customer.

You Are Paid

Cash is deposited to your bank account ASAP as per our agreement with you.

* When your customer has paid us the full amount of the invoice; we will send you any remaining balance of funds owning after subtracting our fee and what we have already paid you in STEP 3.

If you are interested in working with us or discussing our services please Contact Us

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