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We offer simple - low cost - flat fee invoice factoring.

Invoice Factoring allows you to unlock immediate cash by turning your freight invoices into instant cash, helping to keep your truck(s) on the road without cash flow interruptions.

We specialize in freight factoring for trucking. We are direct - available - family owned and operated. We know the importance of good fair business and we will work with you to ensure our mutual benfit!

Our commitment to you includes:

No Exclusivity

With No Exclusivity, clients can explore various options and opportunities without being tied down to a single exclusive arrangement.

No Locked In Contracts

Our No Locked in Contracts empowers you to make decisions based on your current needs and preferences without being locked in.

No Long Commitments

With 'No Long-Term Commitments', you can access our services without the burden of long-term obligations or agreements.

No Hidden Fees

With No Hidden Fees, you can be confident that there are no surprise charges or unexpected costs.

Fast Cash Transfers

Fast Cash Transfers provides quick and efficient money transfer services.

CDN & US Currency

We process invoices in Canadian and US Dollars. We also have preferred exchange rates for the benefit of our clients.

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